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Additional Extras: 


> Popcorn limiter

A popcorn limiter changes the way a diesel car behaves when the engine hits the rpm limiter. Most stock diesel vehicles will hit the pre-set rpm limiter and will stay at that exact rpm point until the driver intervenes (soft cut limiter). However, with a popcorn limiter applied, the engine will bounce at the limiter in a similar way to a petrol vehicle (hard cut limiter).This makes no performance gains, just changes the way the car sounds. 


> MAF Delete

A MAF delete is normally required on highly tuned vehicles where the sheer volume of air passing through the MAF housing causes the sensor to burn out. This will slowly degrade engine performance. A MAF which has reached its maximum operating range will normally result in limp mode being engaged. Increasing the size of the MAF housing and re-scaling the MAF ECU data is one option, although this is not always practically possible. By carrying out a MAF delete remap, we can disable the function of the MAF and allow the engine to run in a MAFless condition.


> DPF Cleaning 

AS time goes on, we have found the need for DPF solutions to be ever increasing.We offer a range of DPF services. These include complete removal to replacement, and of course cleaning which has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years.


> Start/Stop Delete

Start/Stop technology has been around for a few years now. For those of you that hate it, we can offer a start-stop disable service. By changing the coding inside the ECU we can fully deactivate the start/stop system. All hardware can remain in place, it will simply be electronically disabled, giving you back full control of your engine.


> Lambda Delete

When 'decatting' a petrol vehicle it is likely an engine management light will be illuminated and a fault code for 'cat efficiency' will be stored inside the ECU memory (P0420). By careful re-calibration of the engine ECU data, we can disable the function of the second lambda sensor.

> Launch Control 

Launch control is designed to help the driver generate a quick launch from stand still. Too much power and the vehicle will wheel spin, too little and the engine will bog down. Our launch control remap option limits the low speed rpm, thus limiting the power to the wheels. Once the vehicle begins to increase in speed, and traction has been established, full power is activated.

> Pops and Bangs

This feature can be programmed into the ECU on some petrol vehicles which results in a pop and bang or crackle noise coming from the exhaust system during engine deceleration. Many manufacturers already implement such a feature from factory on some performance models. The feature offers no performance advantages, but does offer a sportier feel and noise.​

> DSG Remap

Most will argue that the DSG gearbox is one of the finest auto gearboxes out there.  However, like with all OEM systems it can be restrictive which is where we can help. Custom DSG Remaps are designed to remove these restrictions and adjust the settings to compliment the more performance-minded driver.

> Gearbox update

Updating the gearbox software on a vehicle can improve the overall driving experience by resulting in; quicker shift speeds, better MPG, smoother gear changes, less clunking or delayed gear engagement, and more! These are very much like the software updates on your phone. They are designed to update and improve the usage. 


> Speed limiter delete

Many vehicles have a speed limiter applied from factory. The limiters that are set by car manufactures or customer choice e.g. Most BMW and Mercedes vehicles have a factory set speed limiter of 155 MPH / 250 KPH. By adjustment of the ECU data we are able to successfully remove the speed limiter from most vehicles. Some vehicles with complex speed limiters can only be removed at our HQ in Bristol. 

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