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We have teamed up with one of the best! 

Is it that time again?

Prices are:

£45 for Cars

£25 for Motorbikes

£50 for Vans 

Trade vehicle discount is available. 

Under the Car

Prices from £25

We offer: 


Fault code delete 

Engine Management lights

Diesel Particulate filter

Airbag, ABS/Traction control problems

Tyre Monitoring 

Central locking faults

Electric window faults

ECU Reprogramming

And much more!


Priced from £35

Wheel Alignment

Advanced readings and accurate diagnostic information in real-time are provided by hi-tech imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras and advanced wheel targets. The high-resolution cameras produce live alignment readings making it extremely accurate. 

Ready to adjust camber, caster and toe front/rear.

SJB Wheel Alignment .jpg

Priced from £70

Lots more services available 

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