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It could take as little as 30 minutes for your car to be in a whole new light!!

ECU Remapping 

Remapping doesn't have to be just about power and speed. It can be about economy, better life and simply getting much more from your engine. We have a proven track record of not only providing reliable and effective maps, but also working with the utmost care to safeguard you, and your car's, future. This is why we keep your map on file so that we can put it back to standard if required.

We know that reliability in a vehicle is top priority which is why we do full diagnostics and vehicle health check before anything gets adjusted. We want to make sure that the vehicle is in good enough health before the remap is done. We will also make you aware if any issue presents itself and will confirm anything with you before moving forward. 

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Performance Mapping

If you want to get the most of your car, this is the way to go.

Diesel Fuel Tank Monitoring
Economy Map

We all know the price of running vehicles is not great, but we can make it better. 

> Stage 1:  This gives you the biggest gains on BHP & Torque without any upgrades needed. This will also improve fuel efficiency, responsiveness and the all-round 'feel' of your vehicle.

> Stage 2:  An increase from Stage 1 which often requires hardware improvements before mapping. Though efficiency will still improve, the amount will be dependant on your driving style.

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Economy mapping doesn't mean reduced power.  Actually the opposite is true; more torque and power means fewer gear changes and less need to put your foot down. This results in less fuel being used, meaning more miles per gallon, which means saving money!!! 


In this map, what what is already there simply gets adjusted so that it is more efficient.

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Mobile mapping service

Sometimes, clients have issues that would be made worse by driving. For example, a DPF fault making your car 'limp'. In this instance, you might not feel confident to drive it to the garage. So we can come to you. What better way to have something fixed? We'll work to get things right, whilst you sit  back, relax, binge on your favourite tv program and enjoy a cup of tea!


If there is something that would need further investigation which we can't do 'mobile', we have facilities to get your car to the garage for you. 

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We support a huge range of makes and models!!
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